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Are you a professional photographer/videographer in need of a work place?

Project 3 studios is the place for you. We have a fully equiped Studio of 8x12x4 meters  (13x26x39ft) with the highest quality professional lighting equipment. Stands, strobes, softboxes, reflectors, snoots, beauty dish and background hanging system are all included to facilitate your shoot. The studio also has its own restroom and shower, changing area and make-up area to ensure a smooth and pleasant work flow.

Need assistance with your shoot? Project 3 has an in-house professional photographer ready to assist and advise on your project.


96 square meters | Make-up area | Restroom | Change Room 

6 Elinchrom Stobes of 500 watts | Soft Boxes from 16 to 60 inches

Snoots | Background Reflectors | Beauty Dish | Wifi


Studio hours:

Monday - Saturday         8:00 - 22:00        Reservation Only 


Studio pricing is Naf 85,00 incl OB per hour for a minimum of 2 hours

4Hrs Naf 340,00           8Hrs Naf 680,00          12Hrs Naf 1020,00

Need a photographer to take care of your commercial shoot?

Project 3 in-house photographer Don Marco (graduated from Fotoacademie Rotterdam) started photographing professionally in 2007, after winning the 1st place prize in a photo competition hosted by the New York Institute of Photography.  He's worked in St. Maarten, the Netherlands and Curacao on a variety of projects, including event photography, portraits and commercial stills.

Below you can see some examples of his work in portraiture and commercial stills.

For more information on our photography services please give us a call +5999 747 7423 or email us at:


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